Puppets and contemporany music (duo)

For all audiences
Duration: 75 min aprox.


Contemporary music duo and puppets
Format option: Concert-conference with audio-visual props.
Each concert is a premier of musical pieces written by Valencian musicians and accompanied by either string or articulated puppets which help narrate the music through movements.


First part

Sons blaus // Rafael Beltrán

Microcronías // Javier Costa
I. Liberamente, con fantasia
II. Allegro con bravura
III. Moderato. Allegretto vibrante
IV. Amplio e sostenuto
V. Allegro con brio

Second part

Neuroclips // Enrique Gimeno




Professional Career 

Música d’avui was created in an attempt to learn about different music styles and making them more accessible to the community. It is not uncommon to have preconceived notions when it comes to contemporary music. Some consider it to be difficult to listen to, impossible for the common folk to understand, if not elitist; especially when compared with the common notion of ‘classical music’.

Música d’avui, however, decided they wanted to knock down these prejudices by getting to know and teaching others about the present music paradigm.

They have held several concerts in the Auditorium of Vila-real, they also participated in a series called Concert Mondays in the old Casino in Castellón, as well as in training days in the conservatory of Carcaixent.


Pupeteer: Edu Borja
Flute: Natàlia Lapuerta
Piano: Araceli Batalla
Graphic design: Clara Aguilella
Photography: Fernando Gimeno
Video: Álvaro Beltrán
Production: Clap´s Sound
Distribution: Clap’s Sound


Araceli Batalla Salado


Born in Vila-real, she began her musical studies on piano at age nine at the Mestre Goterris Conservatory in her hometown, moving to secondary school at the Mestre Tárrega Conservatory in Castellon with Professor Óscar Campos.

Then, she goes to the Salvador Segui Conservatory in Castellon where she courses superior grade leaded by Brenno Ambrosini, and at the same time she begins her singing official studies with Professor Margarita Fernández, ending both in 2006 with honors.

Then she makes the Biennio Sperimentale in the Benedetto Marcello Consevartory in Venice, in the speciality of solo piano with Professor Giorgio Lovato, ending with the highest scores, and received also a postmaster scholarship from Lion’s Club Association.

She has taken several advanced courses with E. Kolodin, K. Popova, D. Kuyken, B. Ambrosini, G. Lovato, J. Mora, FX Piquer, C. Cruz, M. Korhonen, R. García, etc.

As a singer, she is part of the group “Cor de la Generalitat,” current choir of the Palau de les Arts, with whom she has performed several concerts like the Mahler’s Second Symphony directed by Z. Mehta, the opera Cyrano de Bergerac starring Placido Domingo, Schumann’s Scenes From Faust, Bethoveen’s Ninth Symphony, etc.

She is a member of the early music ensemble “Victoria Musicae” and “Octàmbuli vocal group.”

She has sung in “Veus de Cambra,” the “Acadèmia d’Orfeu,” grup de veus “Musica Viva” and FECOCOVA.

As soloist, she has sung in the performance of Pergolesi’s “La Serva Padrona” in Cullera, in the Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” in the Palau de la Música in Valencia, zarzuela recitals, and she has recently sung as Nicasia in “La Dolorosa” at the Teatro Principal de Castellón. She is too singer of early music chamber “Liberazione.”

She currently teaches piano and singing in music schools “The Session” in Borriana and “Mestre Agut Manrique” in Almazora, as well as Elians School College in Castellón. She is too the accompanist pianist at the Royal School of London exams.

Natalia Lapuerta


Graduated in flute speciality at the Music Superior Conservatory “Salvador Segui” in Castellon with honors, with the Honorable Mention award at the end of career. Graduated in Philosophy and Education Sciences, UNED’s teaching specialty. She perfected his musical studies with teachers Elisa Ortells and Magdalena Martínez among others. She has collaborated with Gijón’s Classical Orchestra, the Municipal Band and the Castellon’s Symphony Orchestra. She is part of the “Orquesta Supramúsica” of Vila-real. She currently teaches at the Center for Secondary Teaching “Foundación Flors” in Vila-real, and at the Conservatory “Abel Mús” in Borriana.

Edu Borja

Edu Borja is a Valencian actor and a qualified elementary school teacher from the University of Valencia. He became a professional actor in 1983 when he participated in the Entablado de Teatro’s adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. He also participated in the theatre company’s adaptations of ‘El gegant de Romero’ and ‘Tirant lo Blanc’, with whom he travelled all around Valencia and several other cities in the rest of Spain.

Edu Borja has been in other Valencian theatre companies such as El Entaulat, Coll-verd and La Cataifa. He taught several courses for school teacher in the campaign ‘El Teatre a l’escola’ (Theatre in School) and took part in a guided-show created for schools by the Teatro Principal of Valencia called ‘Juguem al teatre’ (Let’s play theatre) for two years in a row.

In 1988 Michael Menschke, the director of the prestigious Marionetteartern in Stockholm, invited him to join his company and help him create some of his shows, such as ‘Ubu Rey’ and ‘Don Quixote’. Edu Borja acted with said Swedish company and toured around Japan, Korea, Bulgaria, Andorra and Spain with them.

Once he got back from his international voyages in 1989, Edu Borja became one of the trail-blazing actors to promote dubbing in the Valencian language. This was developed as a result of the creation of Televisión Valenciana (the Valecian regional TV). Ever since, he has become one of the most common and well-known actors to dub films, TV series, cartoons and documentaries in Valencia. He voices famous actors like Karl Afanan, Lawrence Olivier, Rod Steiger, Bob Hope, Robert Mitchum, Dudley Moore, Peter Duval, Anthony Queen, Frío Astair, David Niven, John Gilgaud, etc. He has also dubbed some cartoons like Asterix and Bugs Bunny amongst others.

At the same time, he created his own puppet theatre company in 1990, writing and developing shows for all audiences and ages (‘Soledats’, ‘T´odie‘, El Circ de la Teranyina’ , ‘Història de Titelles’ , ‘Quixot Viu’, ‘Contes’, ‘Geronto Show’). Edu Borja has taken some of his shows to some of the most internationally-acclaimed puppet festivals in Spain receiving highly positive reviews. He has also acted in Greece, Sweden, Morocco and Croatia.

He balances his work as a professional TV and cinema actor, with that of conferences, representations and crash courses on puppets aimed at school students, teachers and general public and his job dubbing audio-visual productions in Spanish and Valencian.

Edu Borja has also been a presenter and actor in several Valencian TV shows such as ‘En Primera Persona’, ‘Fem Tele’ and ‘El Món de Xicutel’ as well is in multiple episodes of Valencian soap operas and short films.

He has also carried out live virtual animation performances, where he uses computers to bring different characters to live and interacts with his live audience.

Edu Borja has collaborated with other professional Spanish theatre companies by using both puppets and various masks. Some of these are Valencian-based PTV (in the show ‘Cambio de Plan’), the Madrid Uroc theatre company (in ‘Romeo and Juliet’), Imprebis (‘Quixote’ and ‘Moon’), Arbolé from Zaragoza (in ‘El Libro de los Gorrones’), the Theatre of Zarzuela in Madrid (in ‘Las Bodas de Luis Alonso’), and also in various shows created by el Circo Grande Fele, whom he officially joined in 2011 as a puppeteer.

His puppet collection has been on display around Valencia and Spain.